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The Scary Truth About Sugar

Just about everyone nowadays has heard the expression ‘He/she has a sweet tooth!’

When you think about it though, it really would be more accurate or revelatory to point when someone doesn’t have a ‘sweet tooth’ considering that the average American consumes approximately 150 lbs of sugar yearly! ...


Are You Exercising But Gaining Weight?

Have you ever encountered this fairly frequent problem? You’re going to the gym…you’re exercising routinely…maybe 3 or 4 times a week, yet the scale won’t budge or actually goes up?! !

Well in this short article, we’ll talk about a few things to first take a look at that could be sabotaging your progress, complicating the situation or standing in the way of...


Zero-Calorie Sweeteners—The Not So Sweet Side Of Things

Hopefully by now, many of you should be getting that in general, if your foods weren’t picked or pulled from the ground or caught and/or hunted, you probably shouldn’t be eating them!

When it comes to artificial sweeteners, many more conventionally trained doctors and healthcare providers often advocate their use when replacing sugar products in the diet.


The Importance of Everyday Detoxification

Why do we need to think differently about how we live day to day for good health and a slim waistline!

Perhaps more than ever before in human history, we are facing a daily onslaught of toxins that many people are largely unaware of. From air pollution to dangerous chemicals in cleaning products and cosmetics to hormones and antibiotics in dairy and meat, pesticides...